Mar 16, 2009

1000 Area Cyclist Represented at Meeting

An estimated 1000 area cyclist were directly represented at the March 10 meeting held at Alberto's Cycling in Highland Park. About 30 local cycling advocates from area cycling clubs, bike shops and other concerned area residents came to meet Lina Hoffman the new North Suburban Coordinator from Active Trans and see how their respective organizations can continue to be involved in efforts to improve cycling in the area. Officers and leaders of the following local groups were present:

Alberto's Racing
Barrington Bike Club
Bicycle Club of Lake County
Colavita Cycling
Evanston Bicycle Club
Northbrook Bicycle Task Force
Velo Club Roubaix
Vision Quest Coaching

Also as planned, concerns were discussed regarding the new January 2009 Barrington Hills local ordinances that restrict bicycling. (Though invited, no member of the Barrington Hills Village Board was present but we understand discussions are ongoing with area cyclists and cycling groups and the village.) Out of our discussions on March 10 an effort was begun to identify a volunteer bicycle coordinator in each of the area municipalities. The local bicycle coordinator would first become aware of any impending new bicycle ordinances with the goal to prevent other municipalities to adopt measures as has Barrington Hills. The area coordinator would also monitor road plans and work toward creating a comprehensive bicycle task force as has been done so well by folks with the Northbrook Bicycle Task Force. Also the coordinator could help facilitate discussions with the local police and/or schools. Already volunteers have stepped forward to help coordinate Highland Park, Deerfield, Barrington and Hawthorne Woods! A Lake County coordinator volunteer is also being sought to start reviewing the 5-year road plans published by the County.

Other activities planned by the group include making a presentation at a monthly Lake County Transportation Committee meeting; contacting the League of Illinois Bicyclists about ideas for Barrington Hills, having staff from Active Trans meet with local police and municipalities; and meeting with the Lake County Sheriff. Ideas were also discussed regarding better representing area low-income cyclists and recognizing that a benefits of the group's efforts is helping area residents keep commuting costs low by utilizing bike and transit options.

Next meeting is 7PM Monday June 1 at Alberto's Cycling.
More info on the meeting agenda to follow.


  1. I am sad to report that driving home on Penny Road this evening I passed a group of 10 cyclists two of whom continued to ride two-abreast at the front of the pack as I went by. Judging by the actions of those in the back of the pack, "car back" had been called out well in advance of my reaching the last rider. I wonder how vehemently the two riders in question complained about the Barrington Hills ordinance when they heard about it?

  2. thanks for the post. we are thinking of creating an site on the blog for incident report for motorists and for cyclists. i know one problem on penny road are terrible road conditions. 2x2 is probably not advisable there