Jul 7, 2010

Highland Park recommends repealing single file bicycle code

The Highland Park Traffic Commission met June 23 to discuss local bicycling issues. Dozens of cycling enthusiast also showed up to see the Commission in action and make sure cycling issues are being handled appropriately.

A Commission meeting to focus on bicycling was apparently as a result of motorists complaints of cyclists, particularly groups of cyclists who ride through Highland Park on weekend mornings which do not observe stop signs. Also mentioned was the difficulty of motorists passing cyclists on Sheridan Road.

The Commission discussed Highland Park's eight pages of bicycle codes and noted there are provisions in the code that are no longer being observed such as mandatory bicycle registration and single file cycling restrictions. The Commission voted to recommend the City Council repeal the Highland Park bicycling codes that might be confusing to cyclists and are not consistent with state code such as the single file provision.

There were also discussions of how to create more effective bicycle routes through town by marking or striping certain roadways. However the Commission recommended to the City Council to adopt a Complete Streets policy nearly a year ago (see August 31, 2009 entry below) since a Complete Streets policy would systematically review all such considerations. The Commission expressed concern the City Council has not adopted Complete Streets and voted once again to recommend the City Council adopt a Complete Streets policy.

For more information also see Pioneer Press reporter Charles Berman's good coverage of the meeting from the July 6 Highland Park News.

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